Will Longer Battery Life Mean More Older EVs on the Road?

Contemporary Amperex Technology (Catl) in China announced it is looking to roll out a new battery for electric vehicles (EVs) designed to last more than 1 million miles and up to 16 years. The company also stated that it will supply its batteries to Tesla, which helped develop the battery, as well as BMW, Daimler, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

The company said these batteries will cost 10% more than the regular batteries they are currently making. While this will mean EV owners will spend less time and money on battery replacement, it also means that these cars will spend more than a decade on the road. Although these types of cars don’t emit greenhouse gases like their gas-powered counterparts do, there is that danger of older vehicles staying on the road longer, making them less safe.

As mentioned in a previous blog, the safety features on the older vehicles are not as state-of-the-art, endangering the lives of everyone in the car. If you believe you are driving an older car that is no longer safe, take it off the road and sell it to Gershow Recycling. Gershow will pay you top dollar for your junk vehicles, regardless of its age or condition, and you can use that money towards a newer, safer electric vehicle.

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