Uber Mandates EVs for Drivers by 2030

In an effort to combat climate change, Uber announced that the ride-sharing company is calling on its drivers to switch to zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) by the year 2030. The company said its goal is to reach net-zero emissions within 10 years and become 100% emission-free by 2040.

Uber analyzed 4 billion rides throughout the U.S. and Canada from 2017 to 2019. It found that, while monthly ridership was up 36% during that time, greenhouse gas emissions were down 6%, resulting in nearly 500,000 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere and 56 million fewer gallons of gasoline being consumed. However, vehicles on Uber’s platform emitted 41% more carbon dioxide than an average-occupancy vehicle (the federal government defines average occupancy as having 1.67 persons per ride).

As an incentive, Uber is offering drivers of hybrid vehicles an additional 50 cents from each trip. If their car is a zero-emission vehicle (one that is fully battery-powered), drivers will get an extra $1.50 per trip. Customers, meanwhile, can request a ride in a hybrid or EV for an additional $1.00 and earn 3x Uber Rewards points for each trip in a “green” vehicle.

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