Should You Trade In Your Older Vehicle?

Some people believe that, if they trade in their older vehicle for a new car, they can get a great deal. But any chance for these prospective new car buyers to get the price they want may be slim to none. These are a few things to watch out for before thinking about turning in your clunker to a dealer:

Read the fine print: You see ads that scream “Any Model! Any Year! Any Condition!” Then you get to the bottom of the ad with the five-point type: “Certain conditions apply.” “Maximum trade-in amount: X dollars.” “Some models not eligible for this offer.” As they say, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Keep it clean: Believe it or not, your junk car needs to look presentable for the trade-in. That means the exterior must be free of scratches, dents and rust. Check the inside. Make sure the floor mats aren’t covered in stains and there are no rips or tears on the seats. Make sure the windows are clean, inside and out.

Take it or leave it: The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in dealerships having lower inventories. However, with greater demand, dealerships won’t allow any room for negotiations. Whatever the sticker price is, that’s what you’ll probably have to pay.

You can either trade in your older vehicle or get money for your junk car on the spot with Gershow Recycling. With Gershow, there are no hoops to jump through. You just provide details about your vehicle and Gershow will then give you a guaranteed offer. That means the price won’t change when the tow truck driver arrives to pay you and tow the vehicle away. Plus, Gershow will buy your junk car, no matter how old it is or what condition it’s in.

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