California to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed an executive order that will ban the sales of newly built gas-powered cars by the year 2035. He said the ban would help in the fight against climate change as more people make the switch to electric, zero-emission vehicles. The order would still allow the sale and ownership of used cars.

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Despite Losses, New Car Sales in Q3 Show Improvement

Although auto manufacturers saw new car sales fall in the third quarter compared to last year, the losses were not as bad as they were in the previous quarter in 2020. According to Edmunds, third-quarter new vehicle sales were 11% lower than the same time last year. However, that is better than the second quarter, when there was a 30.6% decline. Continue reading “Despite Losses, New Car Sales in Q3 Show Improvement”

The Great “Vroom Boom” Controversy

A recent article from Curbed debated findings from The New York Times that New York City saw a surge in vehicle registrations, called the “Vroom Boom,” as more city dwellers saw an opportunity to have their own form of transportation. However, Curbed argued those figures may be greatly exaggerated, as the “Vroom Boom” wasn’t the big bang it was made out to be.

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When Was the Last Time You Drove Your Junk Car?

You bought yourself a new car recently. Congratulations! But, as you continue to enjoy your new car over time, your old junk car still sits in front of the house, unused. It’s been a while since it’s been driven. You may not know it, but that old car sitting there could put money in your pocket. It makes no sense throwing money away, especially if you are still paying insurance on that old car you’re no longer driving. Gershow Recycling will buy your junk car, which means money in your pocket!

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