Ford Returns to Reporting Monthly Auto Sales

After a two-year hiatus, Ford Motor Company has decided to release its U.S. monthly sales reports again. This was reported by Bloomberg and picked up by Automotive News.

The automaker previously joined GM and BMW in making the switch to quarterly from monthly sales reports before going back to reporting monthly sales figures. A Ford spokesperson said they wanted to let their investors know about the company’s performance during the pandemic.

Last month, U.S. sales for Ford declined by 6.1%, while the entire auto industry was up 1%, according to Credit Suisse. In addition, the automaker sold 181,820 vehicles in October (not including heavy trucks), which is less than last October’s sales figure of 193,571.

In addition, its popular F-Series pickup line suffered a setback, with 71,593 units being sold. That was down 4% from October 2019. Ford said the losses are related to its plans to redesign the F-150, its best-selling pickup, in order to compete with newly designed versions of the Ram from Fiat Chrysler Automotive and the Chevrolet Silverado from General Motors.

The only bright spot in the report was in its line of Lincoln luxury vehicles: a 2.8% increase over the previous October. This was buoyed by a 37% increase in the deliveries of its Corsair crossover model.

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