Automakers Admit EVs Outperform Gas-Powered Cars

A recent article from E&E News reported that Volkswagen, GM and Ford can no longer keep a secret: that they believe that vehicles that run on gas are no match for their battery-powered counterparts. Since making that admission, they must now find a way to promote the benefits of electric vehicles without alienating their customer base that still prefers cars with the good, old-fashioned internal combustion engine.

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Despite Losses, New Car Sales in Q3 Show Improvement

Although auto manufacturers saw new car sales fall in the third quarter compared to last year, the losses were not as bad as they were in the previous quarter in 2020. According to Edmunds, third-quarter new vehicle sales were 11% lower than the same time last year. However, that is better than the second quarter, when there was a 30.6% decline. Continue reading “Despite Losses, New Car Sales in Q3 Show Improvement”

Is Your Car Safe? Check Your Phone

The Verge recently reported that Ring, the maker of video doorbells, is entering the automotive market with three products that can connect to the driver’s cell phone. Ring’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, said these products were developed in response to customers asking if the company could make an advanced security system for their cars like they did for their homes. Continue reading “Is Your Car Safe? Check Your Phone”

Defects in Camaros Spur Class-Action Lawsuit

A group of Camaro owners has filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors, claiming the auto manufacturer knew about defects in the starters and heat shields for 10 years, but did nothing about it. The lawsuit says the defect affects approximately 750,000 Camaros between the model years 2010 and 2020. The plaintiffs are demanding that GM announce a recall, fix the starters and reimburse the owners for repairs.

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