Companies Form New EV Lobbying Group

A consortium of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, utility companies and private businesses has formed a new lobbying group called ZETA (Zero Emission Transportation Association), which seeks to have 100% of new car sales be EVs within 10 years.

Among the 28 companies that make up ZETA include Tesla, Siemens, Con Edison, Duke Energy, ABB and Uber. The goals behind the all-EV sales by 2030 are to provide good-paying jobs, improve air quality and public health and reduce our carbon footprint.

According to ZETA, the benefits of owning an EV are a 67% lifetime reduction in greenhouse gases, an annual savings of over $1,100 in fuel and maintenance, and an $8,600 decrease in healthcare costs related to pollution.

“Transportation is responsible for more carbon emissions than any other sector of the U.S. economy,” said Joe Britton, ZETA’s executive director. “By embracing EVs, federal policymakers can help drive innovation, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and improve air quality and public health.”

In an interview with Automotive News, Mr. Britton was asked if ZETA was looking to eliminate gas-powered vehicle sales over time, like in California and Quebec, Canada. “The group is putting in place to support that goal, not mandate it,” he replied. “We need consumers, infrastructure and domestic manufacturing to all move in the same direction.”

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