Gaining Weight: Today’s Pickup Trucks are Heavier

The Wall Street Journal reported that today’s pickup trucks are bigger than they were almost 20 years ago. The article cited data from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory which showed that the average pickup is now 1,142 pounds heavier than it was in 1990.

The WSJ goes on to explain that auto manufacturers took advantage of changes to the “footprint rule” in 2011, when the federal government reworked its calculations to determine a vehicle’s fuel economy, allowing the manufacturers to build more bulked-up models. These auto companies made their newer models taller (some up to 80 inches high), increased their length and expanded the wheelbase.

There was another reason for the bigger pickups. “One of the most significant changes in that time was the arrival of crew-cab configurations, which added cab space to make them more family and work friendly,” Ford spokesperson Mike Levine told WSJ.

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