Gershow Buys All Types of Cars

You have a junk car in front of your house, and you want to sell it to a Long Island junk cars for cash operation, but you’re not sure if that’s possible. You might have owned a hatchback, a minivan, an SUV or even a mini-Cooper.  If you are looking for a junk and auto salvage company on Long Island that buys all types of junk cars, look no further than Gershow Recycling.

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Average Car Depreciates by 39.1% after Three Years

A study done by iSeeCars found that, after three years, the average depreciation of a car is 39.1%. The automotive research firm noted that three years is the average term of a lease and the ideal age of a used car for prospective buyers. “Three years is a popular age for used car buyers because the cars have taken a major depreciation hit, but likely have many of the latest modern safety and technology features,” stated Phong Ly, iSeeCars’ chief executive officer. Continue reading “Average Car Depreciates by 39.1% after Three Years”

It’s Illegal to Let Junk Cars Pile up on Your Property

If you have been letting junk cars sit in front of your home, better watch out! New York State law prohibits the accumulation of junk cars on private property. It says allowing unused vehicles to continue to stay on the local premises “can reduce property values, be an eyesore and an attractive hazard to children, and be a potential health risk.” Instead of risking payment of a fine and letting the state take your cars away, get money for your junk cars by selling them to Gershow Recycling. Continue reading “It’s Illegal to Let Junk Cars Pile up on Your Property”

Experience Counts When It Comes to Selling Your Junk Car

There are many “cash for cars” operations out there that say they are the best and pay the most money for your junk car. But have you called these companies and found out how many hoops you have to jump through before getting a fair price for your old car? Did you get the impression you were speaking to a middleman, realizing you will not get full value for your car? Continue reading “Experience Counts When It Comes to Selling Your Junk Car”

DOT: Road Travel Decreased by 40% in the Past Year

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that travel on roads and highways nationwide during the month of April fell by 40% from April 2019. The number of miles traveled in the United States for April 2020 is estimated to be at 169.6 billion miles, a decrease of 113 billion miles compared to last year. The DOT also reported April’s total mileage is at its lowest level in the last 85 months, dating back to 2001. Continue reading “DOT: Road Travel Decreased by 40% in the Past Year”