DOT: Road Travel Decreased by 40% in the Past Year

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that travel on roads and highways nationwide during the month of April fell by 40% from April 2019. The number of miles traveled in the United States for April 2020 is estimated to be at 169.6 billion miles, a decrease of 113 billion miles compared to last year. The DOT also reported April’s total mileage is at its lowest level in the last 85 months, dating back to 2001.

The biggest regional drop occurred in the northeastern United States, which saw a 48% decline in miles driven. These numbers suggest that drivers who are on the road are solely making long-distance trips.

According to, 75% of Americans plan to drive less than 100 miles per trip to reach their final destination. Most trips include going to the grocery store, visiting family members, or going to the beach or park. Their survey concluded that people will be driving fewer miles to ensure their safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

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