It’s Illegal to Let Junk Cars Pile up on Your Property

If you have been letting junk cars sit in front of your home, better watch out! New York State law prohibits the accumulation of junk cars on private property. It says allowing unused vehicles to continue to stay on the local premises “can reduce property values, be an eyesore and an attractive hazard to children, and be a potential health risk.” Instead of risking payment of a fine and letting the state take your cars away, get money for your junk cars by selling them to Gershow Recycling. Continue reading “It’s Illegal to Let Junk Cars Pile up on Your Property”

Back to the Future: Should You Retrofit Your Older Car?

Cars that were built in the early 2000s didn’t have the state-of-the-art features that their modern-day counterparts have now. Now, many late-model car owners are choosing to give their vehicles a much-needed upgrade. But the question is whether making these changes to your older car are worth it, especially when things start to go wrong with the car. Instead of spending money on bells and whistles for your older car, get money for it by calling Gershow Recycling.

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Experience Counts When It Comes to Selling Your Junk Car

There are many “cash for cars” operations out there that say they are the best and pay the most money for your junk car. But have you called these companies and found out how many hoops you have to jump through before getting a fair price for your old car? Did you get the impression you were speaking to a middleman, realizing you will not get full value for your car? Continue reading “Experience Counts When It Comes to Selling Your Junk Car”

Debunking the Myths about Selling Your Junk Car

You no longer want to keep that junk car, but you are still holding onto it. Why? Because you don’t think that you can sell it, or you think there are strings attached in selling your old vehicle to a Long Island “cash for cars” junk and auto salvage company. Not with Gershow Recycling! With Gershow, they make the junk car buying process easy and they pay top dollar for your unwanted vehicle.

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3 Key Tips When Selling Your Cars For Cash

Closeup on hands with dollar, business deal with car

It’s important to plan out a strategy when selling your old car for cash. First, research a few different cars for cash businesses and check customer reviews and satisfaction ratings. Ratings should always matter when coming to your first decision to click on a homepage. Google reviews offer great insight and are a reliable source to find out what people really think of the services they received. Local guides as seen below, write reviews often and justify the services provided.

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