Don’t Sell Your Junk Car Online

The process of selling your car online can be very time-consuming. There are many steps and headaches that come with the selling process. First, you have to place an ad, which costs money. Just like selling a house, you want your car to look nice in the photos. In addition, repairing and cleaning your car will cost time and money.

Another issue is setting up appointments with potential buyers. You have to find a time and/or location for the prospective buyer to view or test drive the car, which can take hours. Also, compiling reports of your car’s ownership history, obtaining paperwork from the DMV and accident reports can be a huge headache.

Lastly, by selling your car over the Internet, you are more susceptible to scammers looking to buy cars by either using counterfeit money or illegally accessing someone’s bank account. These scam artists are clever when it comes to making fraudulent payments.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau is warning online car sellers of scammers using mobile apps like OfferUp, eBay and Craigslist. Scammers use these apps so they can hide their identity online and offer up money that they don’t have. Scammers will usually try to pay more than the listed price, then pay you with ill-gotten funds. The NICB warns that, if a deal is too good to be true, then you are probably dealing with a scammer.

Instead of wasting time and money trying to sell your old vehicle online, sell it to Gershow Recycling. Simply fill out the easy-to-use online form to enter information about your junk car and to set up a day and time when you want your vehicle towed away. Gershow will come to you and tow away your car for free. That means more money in your pocket when you get paid. If you are looking to sell your junk car, call (631) 371-2031 or visit



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