Your Fast Car Is Losing Speed. Now What?

Remember when you were younger and you bought yourself that flashy sports car that looked and drove like you saw on the TV commercials? You would take it out on the open road, placing the accelerator all the way to the floor and never looking back. You would feel the adrenalin rush through your body as you crave the need for speed.

Now, fast forward a few more years: you don’t feel the thrill anymore and neither does your car. It might begin to experience problems, whether it be with the engine, the transmission or the alignment. Many sports car owners may be willing to lay out the money to have the necessary repairs made. Some owners are do-it-yourselfers and make the fixes themselves. Some will even pay more money to make upgrades so it can go faster. But repairs and upgrades on sports cars are very costly. Why not save your money instead and get extra money by selling your older car to Gershow Recycling?

You may look to fix your sports car, but your car’s model may be out of circulation. That’s another reason why you should sell your junk car to Gershow. The Long Island junk cars for cash operator will buy your older car, no matter its age, make, model or condition. Even if that model is no longer made, Gershow will still buy your car.

There are many “cash for cars” junk and auto salvage companies that say they pay the best prices, but they can’t beat Gershow! With Gershow, towing is free, and no middleman is involved, which means you will get top dollar for your unwanted vehicle.

Gershow has nine convenient locations throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties and Brooklyn. To sell your unwanted sports car, call (631) 371-2031 or visit

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