Back to the Future: Should You Retrofit Your Older Car?

Cars that were built in the early 2000s didn’t have the state-of-the-art features that their modern-day counterparts have now. Now, many late-model car owners are choosing to give their vehicles a much-needed upgrade. But the question is whether making these changes to your older car are worth it, especially when things start to go wrong with the car. Instead of spending money on bells and whistles for your older car, get money for it by calling Gershow Recycling.

Some of the features that owners are looking to install are wireless phone chargers, rearview backup cameras and even the virtual assistant Alexa. These products can be found in big box stores and retail auto parts stores. Meanwhile, Tesla is selling wireless chargers and storage hubs to owners of the original Model 3 vehicles. The electric car company recently upgraded its Model 3 vehicles to include a wireless phone charger and USB-C ports.

Making all these retrofits costs not only time, but money. If you pay someone to install these gadgets for you, that’s even more money you are throwing away. Stop wasting money trying to update your junk car and let Gershow buy your older vehicle from you! Gershow buys all junk cars, no matter how old it is or what condition it’s in. And if your car is more than eight years old, you won’t need to produce a title. Since there is no middleman, Gershow will pay you top dollar for your junk car!

Gershow is the place to sell Long Island junk cars for cash. Stop paying and get money for your old or junk car by working with a “cash for cars” junk and auto salvage company. Gershow has nine locations on Long Island and Brooklyn. To sell your junk car, or for more information, call (631) 371-2031 or visit



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