New Car Sales Data Forecast Shows Signs of Improvement

With new car sales staging a comeback last month after a horrible showing the previous month, all signs also point to more people getting rid of their junk cars.

CNBC recently reported that, although sales of new vehicles were approximately one-third of what they were last May, last month’s sales are 50% higher than April’s figures. Auto research firms are predicting that sales for May will be between 1.05 million and 1.08 million vehicles.

Whenever a new car is purchased, that means the buyer can take their older, gas-guzzling vehicle off the road and sell it. Gershow Recycling buys junk cars in any age or condition and tows it away at no charge. Also, because there are no middlemen or any fees, you are guaranteed to receive top dollar for your vehicle.

The article also points out that May signifies the start of the summer sales season for dealers; this is when automakers are looking to get rid of the 2020 models to make room for next year’s models. Likewise, new car buyers are getting rid of their older vehicles and selling them to Gershow, where it recycles junk cars and turns them into high-quality scrap metal products.

To get an idea of how many cars Gershow recycles each year, if you were to place each car on the Long Island Expressway, it would fill every lane on the LIE from Riverhead to the Queens Midtown Tunnel. If they were set end to end, it would stretch from Gershow’s facility in Medford all the way down to North Carolina.

If you are looking to pick up extra money, and help preserve the environment, contact Gershow to get rid of your junk car. You can get a quote either by email, text messaging or over the phone and, when they come to take away your vehicle, you will be paid on the spot. To get cash for your Long Island junk car, call (631) 371-2031 or visit

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