What Seniors Need When Buying a New Car

Kiplinger featured a story on drivers over the age of 50 who were in the market for a new car. Most of them said they needed a vehicle that both addresses their mobility issues and helps them stay safe on the road.

While they still wish to find a car that has good gas mileage, sufficient leg room and ample storage, they also need a car that will take into account their physical limitations. If they find a vehicle, before buying it, they need to ask themselves:

  • Can they get into and out of the car with no problems?
  • How difficult will it be to load and unload groceries from the car?
  • If they use a cane, a walker or an electric scooter to get around, would they be able to store those items inside or outside the car and then unload them without any difficulty?

Some of the state-of-the-art features such as cruise control, lane assist and blind spot detection help older drivers stay aware of their surroundings. Rearview cameras reduce the need for seniors to strain their necks looking backwards to check for pedestrians and other vehicles while backing up the car.

Once they buy the car they wanted, they can get rid of their older vehicle, but they may be unsure who will buy it. If you have an older, unwanted car, call the Long Island junk cars for cash experts at Gershow Recycling.

Gershow makes the car buying process easy. They will tow away your vehicle for free, which means you will get top dollar. Gershow buys all types of cars, no matter how old it is or what condition it is in. Also, if your vehicle is more than eight years old, Gershow doesn’t need a title.

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