Congressman Reintroduces SELF DRIVE Act

Axios reported that U.S. Representative Rob Latta of Ohio, a ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce’s technology and communications subcommittee, is bringing back to the House floor a bill that he said would help make the United States the leader in the manufacture of autonomous vehicles.

The Safely Ensuring Lives Future Deployment and Research In Vehicle Evolution Act, also known as the SELF DRIVE Act, would assist U.S. autonomous car manufacturers in getting their vehicles out onto the market faster. The bill would preclude states from establishing its own standards on the design, construction or performance of autonomous vehicles unless they were identical to federal standards.

In addition, all autonomous vehicle manufacturers would be required to provide cybersecurity protection for its vehicles, and the U.S. Department of Transportation would have to notify prospective buyers of the car’s capabilities and limitations.

In 2017, the bill was amended with language that would require these vehicles to provide access to the elderly, the disabled and the underserved. That same year, the House passed an amended version of that bill. It is currently sitting in the Senate, where no action has been taken on it yet.

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