Defects in Camaros Spur Class-Action Lawsuit

A group of Camaro owners has filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors, claiming the auto manufacturer knew about defects in the starters and heat shields for 10 years, but did nothing about it. The lawsuit says the defect affects approximately 750,000 Camaros between the model years 2010 and 2020. The plaintiffs are demanding that GM announce a recall, fix the starters and reimburse the owners for repairs.

The problem with the cars, according to the lawsuit, is that the starter and heat shield were improperly installed. This resulted in the heat shield being unable to absorb the heat away from the starter, causing the wires to melt and wreaking havoc on the automobile’s electrical system. Some of the drivers complained in the lawsuit that the car would lose power while it was in motion, which could have resulted in an accident.

According to the lawsuit, GM has not taken responsibility for the defects. Rather, the company blamed “bad batteries” and the drivers’ inability to properly take care of their vehicles. Further, the plaintiffs claim that they had to pay for the repairs themselves because GM refused to honor the warranty.

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