New York State Invests in Electric Vehicles

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) recently approved a $750 million initiative to speed up the construction of 50,000 charging stations throughout the state by the year 2025 as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Make Ready” order. The governor’s initiative also calls for $4.4 million in spending for an additional 4,650 charging stations on Long Island that would charge up to 188,000 electric vehicles (EVs) islandwide within five years.

Of all the regions in the state, Long Island has the largest number of EV owners. Drive Electric Long Island says there are approximately 13,000 registered EVs in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as of September 2019. When batteries no longer work, EV owners will need to decide whether to purchase expensive batteries, sell or junk their car. Rather than try to spend money on replacement batteries, sell your junk electric vehicle to Gershow Recycling.

By driving an EV, you are no longer burning gas or diesel fuel, and you are not emitting noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Like Gershow, you are helping to preserve the environment. Once you decide to purchase a newer EV, let Gershow buy your older, unwanted car from you.

Gershow buys EVs, as well as gas-powered cars, trucks, buses and SUVs. Each year, Gershow buys thousands of junk cars from hardworking Long Island residents and puts cold, hard cash back into their pockets. When it comes to buying Long Island junk cars for cash, leave it to the experts at Gershow.

Gershow has nine convenient locations throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County and Brooklyn. To sell your older EV, or for more information, call (631) 371-2031 or visit




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