Get Rid of Your Junk Car for Safety’s Sake

The National Safety Council (NSC) has named June as National Safety Month. One of the aspects that the organization focuses on is road safety. If you have a junk car that is way too old, either because it no longer runs as well as it should, or there are no safety features to protect you in a crash, Gershow will buy that unsafe vehicle from you.

For whatever reason, people hold onto their cars for as long as they can. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that the driver of an 18-year-old car is 71% more likely to be killed in a crash than someone driving a newer vehicle (three years old or fewer). If an older vehicle does not have safety features such as air bags, it is time to get rid of it and sell it to Gershow.

What may also make your junk car unsafe is the lack of driver-assist technology on the vehicle. This includes lane departure warning systems, anti-lock braking systems, automatic emergency braking, brake assist, forward collision warning and rearview cameras generally used for backing up.

But it’s not just that: a poor alignment will make the tire treads uneven. Once the tire treads wear down, they will no longer have any traction, which could cause the junk car to hydroplane and cause a crash. If your brakes are making pulsating, squealing, grinding or scraping sounds, it means your brakes are starting to fail.

Rust on your junk car is not only unsightly, but it could endanger yourself and your passengers. Some of the rusted parts could break off under impact. Rusted brake and gas lines could also pose a danger. Gershow will buy your junk car from you, regardless of its age or condition.

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  1. You made a good point on how you should stop using a car if it’s showing signs of serious wear and tear. My uncle has this old muscle car in his yard, and he has not used the car for years. I’ll probably suggest that he look for a junk car expert that can take this from him and get paid for it.

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