Will There Be a Revival of “Cash for Clunkers”?

A group of federal lawmakers is asking Congress to boost the sagging auto industry during the coronavirus pandemic. What hasn’t been determined is whether there will be a second version of “Cash For Clunkers,” an Obama-era federal program that provided financial incentives to consumers to replace their older, gas-guzzling vehicles with newer models.
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3 Key Tips When Selling Your Cars For Cash

Closeup on hands with dollar, business deal with car

It’s important to plan out a strategy when selling your old car for cash. First, research a few different cars for cash businesses and check customer reviews and satisfaction ratings. Ratings should always matter when coming to your first decision to click on a homepage. Google reviews offer great insight and are a reliable source to find out what people really think of the services they received. Local guides as seen below, write reviews often and justify the services provided.

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