Turn Your Junk Car into a Stimulus Payment, with Help from Gershow

It has been widely reported that many people have not received their stimulus payment checks, or that some people have received it in the form of a debit card but threw it away, mistaking it for junk mail. If you’re still waiting for your stimulus payment, you can still get paid by selling your junk car to Gershow!

With Gershow, there is virtually no paperwork involved when it comes to selling your junk car. You can make arrangements to have your vehicle towed away either by email, text, online or over the phone. Plus, if your car is more than eight years old, you don’t need the title to sell your car to Gershow.
Just like people accidentally throwing their stimulus payments in the trash, leaving your junk car in front of your house is like throwing money away. Call Gershow and they will buy your junk vehicle. They will come to you and pay you cash on the spot! And, because there is no middleman, you are guaranteed to receive top dollar for your unwanted car.
Why wait to get your check or debit card from the government? Get money now from Gershow, the local expert on “cash for cars.” Each year, Gershow buys thousands of vehicles from people on Long Island, regardless of their age or condition.
Gershow has nine locations in Suffolk and Nassau Counties and Brooklyn. The company has been in business for more than five decades, helping to preserve our local environment while putting cash back into the pockets of hardworking Long Islanders. For more information, call (631) 371-2031 or visit https://clunkersintocash.com.


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