Is Buying an Extended Warranty a Good Idea?

People who are driving older cars may think it’s a good idea to purchase an extended warranty. While there may be advantages to having an extended warranty, such as enjoying continuing coverage on your vehicle, the ability to choose your own plan and saving money on costly repairs, there are drawbacks as well, according to Automoblog.

The first one is that coverage does not start immediately. Most extended warranties don’t kick in until 30 days or 1,000 miles after the purchase. That could be a problem if your car develops serious issues before the warranty goes into effect.

The second drawback is that your extended warranty will be limited. told Automoblog that “wear-and-tear parts,” that is, parts that begin to fall apart or wear out, may not be covered. You can buy an extended warranty that covers wear and tear, but it will cost more.

Lastly, the warranty may cost more than the repair itself. Automoblog says the average annual cost for an extended warranty is $750. If the average cost of a repair is $500 to $600, according to the American Automobile Association, it may not be worth it to buy a warranty. Also, if your vehicle is very low-maintenance, then getting a warranty is unnecessary.

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