Few Consumers Want Car Manufacturers to Build Autonomous Vehicles

Although there is an eventual possibility that autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles will be hitting the road in the future, a recent survey from the American Automobile Association (AAA) found that only 22% of consumers want auto manufacturers to focus more on creating autonomous vehicles.

The rest of the drivers surveyed emphasized that auto companies should focus more on continuing developing current safety features for human-operated vehicles such as automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance. Although all vehicles manufactured in 2020 came with at least one advanced safety feature, many Americans struggle with the idea of owning a car that drives itself.

The AAA also found that 54% of those surveyed are afraid to ride in a self-driving car, and 32% said they are not sure if it is safe to ride in one. However, Greg Bannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering and industry relations, said that skeptics of self-driving vehicles will soon come around to the idea. “Transparent, accurate and frequent information from the industry involved in developing self-driving vehicles will ease consumer concerns.” he said.

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