Cuomo Extends Deadline for Inspections and Registration Renewals until Nov. 3

The Auburn Citizen reported that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order pushing back the deadline for vehicle inspections and registration renewals until November 3. This applies to those documents that have lapsed over the past five months.

In March, Governor Cuomo stopped the expiration dates for inspections and registrations. During that time, the state was in lockdown and car owners could not get their cars inspected or go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to renew their registrations.

According to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 739,000 fewer inspections from March to August 2020 than during the same period the previous year. With the extension, inspection station owners have asked the state for guidance so that they are not overwhelmed by an influx of vehicles coming into their shops.

The DMV has asked vehicle owners not to wait until the last day to get their cars inspected. The agency has also encouraged them to renew their registrations online.

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