What Car Parts Can be Recycled?

An article by Recycle Nation reported that junk cars are the most recycled product in the United States and 86% of a junk car can be recycled. For more than half a century, Gershow Recycling has been removing and recycling junk cars throughout Long Island. The vehicles are shredded and then turned into high-quality scrap metal products.

There are some parts to a junk vehicle that Gershow buys. These include aluminum wheels, auto hulks (the shells of the vehicles after all the hazardous materials have been completely removed), batteries, radiators, gas tanks and other auto parts.

A previous blog noted that more batteries will probably be recycled as the result of more electric cars being on the roads. According to the blog, the batteries that are found in electric cars such as the Tesla can weight 20%-30% more than regular car engines or fuel tanks. As more electric cars make their way to junk and auto salvage yards such as Gershow, more batteries will be recycled from these junk cars.

Gershow deals with numerous customers in the auto industry, including auto wreckers, repair shops, bus companies, and trucking companies. These parts that Gershow takes in — such as drums, bumpers and radiators — are then recycled into scrap products for other customers.

Did you know that you don’t have to drive your junk car to Gershow to get money for it? You can make an appointment with Gershow to have your vehicle picked up, either online or over the phone. Plus, you get more money from Gershow than from any other Long Island junk car buyer because there is no middleman involved.

For more information, call (631) 371-2031 or visit www.clunkersintocash.com.

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