More Than 12 Million Cars on the Road Have Defective Airbags

WJLA-TV recently reported that over 12 million late-model car owners are driving around in vehicles that are carrying defective airbags that have been recalled but never repaired. Jerry Cox, an auto safety expert, said half of the cars “have airbags that are more likely than not to kill you” in the event of a crash.

The defects came from airbags made by Takata. The report explained that pieces of metal would shoot out after the airbag deployed, resulting in serious injury or death. It has been reported that, since 2003, the defects have resulted in 25 deaths and hundreds of injuries, although experts say those deaths and injuries are underreported.

According to Cox, Takata agreed in 2015 to repair all the defective airbags within two years, but, in 2017, the company was forced into bankruptcy and less than 75% of the airbags were fixed. Some of those vehicles that are currently on the road, he said, are recommended as “do not drive.” If you are currently driving an older, unsafe vehicle, sell it to Gershow and use the money to purchase a newer, safer car.

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