Metal Breakdown: What Makes up a Car?

As we discussed in a previous blog, there are many components that make up a car and can be recycled. This blog discusses the different metals that are used in manufacturing a car, the same metals that are recycled by Gershow Recycling.

Steel is used to make the car’s chassis, body parts and frame; in most cars, the door beams, roofs and body panels are made out of steel. The bolts, brackets and exhausts are made of stainless steel since they prevent rust.

Aluminum can be found in wheels and hubcaps, as well as engines. This metal has replaced iron and steel in the manufacture of newer cars because it is lighter, but still durable.

Iron can be found in older cars. Because of its durability and weight, this metal was used to make engine blocks.

Like stainless steel, titanium has corrosion-resistant qualities. However, using this metal for the manufacture of vehicles is very difficult, so it is not as widely used. Titanium can only be found in intake and exhaust valves.

Gershow buys junk cars, then recycles them and makes them into high-quality, customer-specified scrap products. In addition to junk cars, Gershow buys all types of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, lead, tin, and stainless steel. By recycling junk cars and scrap metal, Gershow helps to preserve the environment and our natural resources.

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